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People always have this idea that once a boy and a girl sleep on the same bed, something happened between the sheets. They say that boys will always be boys, and that it’s too hard for them to control themselves and most of the times it’ll lead to something sexual. But it’s not always like that. Isn’t it wonderful to think that these two people just sleep together, nothing more and nothing less, with no sex involved? Isn’t it nice to think that they didn’t do anything dirty, they just love to feel each other’s body heat and get lost in the sensations as their feet brush together? Isn’t it amazing to think that two people can just lay in bed together, just laying in bed, and the only thing they did is to talk about things until they fall asleep?

Physical satisfaction could actually be great. But sometimes, you don’t have to go overboard for you to be satisfied. As simple as sleeping together, that actually rocks. Enveloping yourself under the same blanket  wherein you can smell their breathe and hear their heartbeat, I guess it can still give you the same chills just like in lovemaking. Though there are no physical things involved, your body so close with each other is enough. That’s more than enough. Sleeping together without any sexual contacts involved, well that’s one in a million. And it’s beautiful.

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"Oh there’s a baby crying?"

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If this room was burning


I wouldn’t even notice


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"I’ve seen him mature as a chef. God I hope it’s better than the tuna thing he made when he was about twelve!"

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sorry i draw stupid shitty comics about myself when i don’t know how to deal with my own emotions

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I feel so bad for all the people who think they’re too hipster or indie for one direction like ur missing out

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Changing Your Thought Processes.

I am ugly - I am beautiful

I am worthless - I have worth

I am sick - I will heal

I hate myself - I will learn to love myself

I am weak - I am strong, or I wouldn’t be here today

I am moody - I have profound emotional depth

I am lost - I will find myself

I am scared - I have courage

I am crazy - It is normal to struggle

I am in pain - It’s okay to hurt

I am tired - I will not give up

I’m not good enough - I am better than “good enough”

I can’t change - I can change

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